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The SKODA 2014: Special Finance Scheme @ 9.99% available

SKODA RAPID 2014. Driven by excellence.

·         Anti Pinch windows with One Touch Operation

·         Bluetooth Connectivity

·         SKODA 2 DIN audio Player with security Code

·         Multi Functioning Steering Wheel

·         Climatronic AC

·         Projector lens headlamps

·         Dual front airbags

·         On Board computer –MFO

·         Leather package

Design center

Made of glass, concrete and steel, the SKODA Auto Design Center is a modern, unconventionally conceived structure that stands out without being overwhelmingly dominant. Built in the spirit of a new architectural philosophy, it is a harmoniously composed structure aiming to express simplicity, compactness and compatibility with the attributes typical to SKODA. The building is divided with glass partitions that can be moved to create a variety of interior arrangements. This variability enables designers and engineers to concentrate on their work while sustaining visual communication with their colleagues.

The monochromatic character of the glass and concrete structure artfully contrasts with the colourful work environment. In 1999, the original Design Center received recognition as the Structure of the Year.

Designing SKODA Vehicles

All SKODA models are designed at the Design Center in Mladá Boleslav, relying on many years of tradition in technical know-how, combined with modern scientific findings and experience, as well as with the Concern's support. During this process, our designers seek perfection; passion and love for their work are manifested in every single detail of the vehicle models they create.

 All SKODA designs derive from SKODA concepts and SKODA Auto Corporate Design. They aim visually to accentuate the virtues of SKODA - precision, dynamics and tradition - so that the vehicles are instantly distinguishable from other competitors' vehicles. The domineering and original mask of the cooler is one of the principal identity marks of all the three model lines of SKODA vehicles and a clear sign of affiliation with this trademark. Other original elements of the SKODA design are indentations in the front hood's profile - starting from the corners of the cooler mask, crossing the company logo in the middle, and gradually elevated towards the front windshield, where they disappear.

CAD Design

The term CAD Tuning stands for creation of 3D computer models of exteriors and interiors. This creative work forms a critical interface in every developmental process involving design and engineering. Upon approval, each new model's clay version is used for CAD tuning. Modelling is done directly on the computer according to the designer's ideas, with the aid of sketches and cross-sections. Taking all these conditions into consideration often leads to modification of the designers' original ideas.

Special finance scheme @ 9.990 % available

Call: 1800 267 2202

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This article was published on Thursday 20 February, 2014.
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