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Mobile Power Banks - 45% to 70% Offer Offer


45% to 70% offers on power banks for mobile phones

Power banks are most important companion to you when you are on travel. The moment you need to step out of your home and spend few days outside, the normal recharge cycles of your phone can not be met. You will realize that your phone is suddenly losing charge. You can not get any place to charge your phone or even if you see a place, you can not afford to waste too much time waiting there only to charge your phone (Like recharge points in airports, etc).

Especially, when you are on travel, you will need most of the GPS/ maps, which will drain your battery too soon than what you normally expect.

This is exactly where power banks can be of great help to you.

With a power bank

  1. You can store upto 5 times of charge on it and recharge your phone upto 5 times. (Depending upon the capacity of the power bank).
  2. It is so portable, you can carry it easily in your backpack.
  3. You can connect your phone to the power bank on the go - You do not have to waste time in waiting at a place to recharge your phone.
  4. Power bank, once fully charged, can retain the charge for upto a month or more.


Capacity of power banks

Like it is done for batteries, charge storage capacity of power banks are also rated in mAH (milli Ampere Hours). Power banks come with capacity ranging from 2500 to upto 1500 mAH.

How to choose the capacity while buying?

It depends on how many days you may be outside of your home or hotel, without access to electricity. Say, for example, your phone has a battery with 2500 mAH capacity and you buy a power bank with 10000 mAH, you can fully recharge your mobile battery for upto 5 times.

Leading vendors who make quality power banks

  1. PNY
  2. Lenovo
  3. Intex
  4. Asus
  5. iPro
  6. A5

Each vendor has different price points - In our review all the above vendors produce quality products and you can buy any one as per your choice.

To view various power banks and also avail great discounts, click on Get This Deal button below to proceed to our partner website and buy the product.

Locations: Across India
This product was added to our catalog on 05/30/2013.
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