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Merchant Section

Dear Merchant - Welcome to, your sales and marketing partner. We can help boost your sales and marketing through new age Internet based communication channels.

We have multiple solutions for you.

Pure marketing

Are you looking to partner with someone to take care of your Internet marketing needs? is the right solution for you. We are a pureplay Internet marketing company that can help you leverage the power of Internet.

We will promote your products/services through,

  1. Google and its partners (More than 10000 websites in India registered as partners)
  2. Yahoo and its partners
  3. Microsoft Bing
  4. Facebook
  5. Linkedin
  6. Orkut
  7. YouTube (If video content is available)

Together, the above websites and their partners have a reach of more than 20000000 people in India and countless across the world.

Promotional methodologies,

  1. Internet Blogs and articles
  2. Text Ads – Search engine key word matching
  3. Image Ads
  4. Video Ads (Optional)
  5. Context sensitive Ad placement in emails and social media networks

Marketing and Sales

Are you looking for someone that can sell your products and services also? We are there to help you. We can sell your products and services through our powerful ecommerce platform, integrated with TimesOfMoney as the payment processor.

To get more information on the above solutions, fill the enquiry form at or send an email to or call at 080 - 42012299

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