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Lotus Herbal Detan facial Pack - 18% Off Offer


Lotus Herbals Detan Face Pack - 18% off online offer

When exposed to sun rays, the ultra violet rays cause chemical reaction in the skin. UV rays consist of

  1. UVB rays - which can penetrate skin upper layes epidermis and cause skin burn
  2. UVA rays - which does not penetrate epidermis but cause tanning of the sun.

When skin is exposed to UVA, our body produces protective chemicals called as Melanin pigments. It is these pigments which cause skin tanning. Dark skinned people get tanned faster and deeper because their body produces more melanin. Melanin is body's way of preventing UVA rays from entering deep into the skin.

But melanin once produced does not leave on its own quickly. They get stucked at skin layers and leave the skin looking dark and dull.

Lotus detanning products are able to dilute the melanin segments gradually and restore the skin back to normalcy.

This is a after exposure detanning cream & not sun cream.

This can be used for dry, normal and oily skin types. This is made of natural ingredients such as walnut, papaya and other similar ones and herbs.

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Locations: Across India
This product was added to our catalog on 05/30/2013.
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