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Give Best Deal

About GiveBestDeal

GiveBestDeal was launched in 2007 with an aim to bridge the gap between vendors and customers. Prime motto is to help customers get the best deals and help vendors to expand customer base and build a brand for themselves.

How it works?

Vendors need a lot of push marketing to expand their customer base. Customers need a lot of push to break the jinx and exeriment new products and services. Givebestdeal plays the role here to connect vendors needs to customers needs. Vendors create a custom product or service mix and also price it on a promotional model. Usually, a significant expenses are incurred to sell the products or services in traditional marketing model. In Givebestdeal model, the cost of marketing is directly passed on as benefit to customers. Thus customers are able to get products or services at a competitive price compared to market price.

Givebestdeal focusses on such deals to customers and vendors. Currently, deals are available on various segments - Beauty services, Salon, spa services, Hair care services, Bridal make ups, weekend travels, team outings, resorts, Toys, Electronics and so on.

How to pick a product or service?

Deals displayed in Givebestdeal can be availed in various modes.

  1. Pay partially and purchase a deal coupon for a service or product. Pay the remaining amount directly to the vendor.
  2. Cash of Delivery model - Just get the coupon and pay to the vendor directly at the pre-agreed price.
  3. Online services model - Givebestdeal just redirects you to another partner website where you can directly purchase the product or service.
This article was published on Friday 20 March, 2015.
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