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Diabetes management - OneTouch

Diabetes management - OneTouch

The essential step in diabetes management is measuring the glucose levels at regular periods and administering Insulin at the right time. 

Diabetes in common terms means blood glucose level is much more than prescribed limits. This happens because due to the lack of insulin, glucose does not get absorbed well in the body. This excess glucose starts circulating in blood stream and start to damage tissues and eventually many complications over a period of time.


Predianetes is a condition where blood sugar level is abnormal but still below the level to be diagnised as diabetic. Prediabetes is often an early symptom of onset of regular diabetes.

Tests to determine diabetes

Diabetes is determined with the help of various tests -

  1. A1C - which is average of sugal levels for 2-3 months
  2. Fasting glucose level - Testing typically after 8 hours of fasting, usually done early morning after overnight fasting
  3. Glucose tolerance test - Which is continuous assessment before and after 2 hours of meals
  4. Random test - Which is taken at random intervals of time for assessment

Risk categories

  1. People over 40 years of age
  2. People with minimum physical activity
  3. Heredity - People with close family members suffering the same
  4. Overweight
  5. High BP/ Cholestrol levels

Types of diabetes

  1. Type 1 - Body does not produce insulin, maybe due to damaged pancreas
  2. Type 2 - Insulin produced is less or the body is having insulin resistance
  3. Gestational diabetes - typically affects pregnant woman

Handling diabetic situation

  1. Diabetic situation can be managed by regularizing food intake
  2. Avoiding excessive sugar content
  3. Regular measurement of glucose level and intake of insulin

Long term impacts of unmanaged diabetes

  1. Heat diseases
  2. Eye diseases
  3. Kidney diseases
  4. Nerve damages
  5. Muscle loosening

OneTouch products to measure glucose levels

  1. OneTouch ultraEasy
  2. OneTouch SelectSimple

Ensure proper diagnosis and regular management of blood sugar levels & stay healthy





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This article was published on Saturday 21 March, 2015.
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