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http://GiveBestDeal.Com specializes in promotional offers and deal announcements.

In a potential market, there is a big gap between vendors and consumers. Vendors want to sell as much as possible with as much profit as possible. Consumers on the other hand want to buy as good a product as possible with as low a price as possible. Vendors typically use media like newspapers to announce the products and services. But newspapers provide a static media, and not dynamic. What this means is that deals are announced in news papers when consumers may not be interested in a product, and when a consumer is interested in a product the deal information is lost.

http://GiveBestDeal.Com plays a vital role in this segment. is a medium where vendors can announce their products and services. The announcements are categorized appropriately and made searchable. Later these pages are made globally searchable by search engines. When a potential consumer wants to know about a product or service, this site can be used as a place to search and get the necessary information. Also, the site provides a review of each product or service based on the experience of previous users. So new consumers can clearly know which products are good to try and which ones are best avoided.

The company recently added 1000th product review in its website. Announcing this, the company CEO mentioned that very soon the company will try to cover almost all major products and services round the globe. He also announced that the company will start to focus on different geographies. GiveBestDeal.Com currently concentrates on vendors in India. Currently the company generates revenue through contextual advertisements and affiliate programs. Very soon, it plans to sell products directly in its website and make it the primary income of the company.

http://GiveBestDeal.Com was started in 2007 with an aim to bridge vendors and potential consumers. It first started announcing special promotions to consumers. Later, the company also started adding product reviews. These reviews are added by consumers themselves after using a product or service. Thus potential consumers can clearly know which products are good to try and which ones or not even before investing money.


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